Privacy note

Informative note on the protection of confidentiality, regulated by Law 675/96 "Protection of persons and other subjects with regard to personal data processing" and by the subsequent Legislative Decrees 123/97 and 505/97.

Informative note

In fulfilment of the provisions laid down by Law 675/96 (and by the subsequent Legislative Decrees 123/97 and 505/97) on the protection of personal data, notice is hereby given that:
1.         The collected data will feed into a database relative to site users, containing information related to those who contact the site's Webmaster. The goal is to foster communication between users and site manager, as well as to improve the services offered by the site.
2.         Registration to is regulated by formal written contract and the site abides by the clauses expressed therein.
3.         The collected data will only be known to the persons in charge of the development and management of the site.
4.         The data collected in this way will remain in the database for a period of five years.